Corporate Tax Return

We will prepare the Company’s annual income tax return, income tax computation and supporting schedules, etc. to be submitted to the Inland Revenue Department. You will provide us with all the necessary assistance to ensure lodgement of such income tax return within the prescribed period.

Our fee for the abovementioned services to be provided range from $ 200 onwards, depending on the complexity of the tax computation excluding out of pocket expenses (per Year of Assessment).

For all the updates and changes, please refer to here.

Our services are as follows:

  • » E-filing of ECI (Estimated Chargeable Income)
  • » Preparing tax computation with schedules
  • » Submission of income tax return to IRAS
  • » Applying for cash payout under PIC (Productivity and Innovation Credit) Scheme
  • » Raising objection to IRAS for corporate tax matters
  • » Answering IRAS’ queries regarding corporate tax matters
  • » Applying for waiver of income tax return submission by a dormant company
  • » Applying for Certificate of Residence for companies who need it to claim DTR (Double Taxation Relief)

For further enquiries or a non-obligatory quote, please send us an enquiry.