Welcome to Tan, Chan & Partners!


Whether you are here with us as an existing client, a potential client or future employee, we hope that this visit will provide you with a better understanding of our philosophy, priorities and core values that distinguish Tan, Chan & Partners from any other firm in Singapore.

For over 38 years, Tan, Chan & Partners has been a reliable business partner that helps in fostering the growth of many business industries. In other words, we have been business partners in growth and we grow together with our clients.

We at Tan, Chan & Partners are well-equipped with an array of experience, knowledge and commitment that can provide support to the clients’ organisations and maximise their potential. Our aim is to transform the knowledge and experience into values which can help achieve the desired benefits to whosoever is dealing with our firm.

The firm’s success was based on the higher quality of the services it provides and of the talented people it retains. For us, the pursuit of quality in service is a never-ending job. We believe in continuous improvement, delivering excellence and quickly adapt to radical market changes.

I believe that external and statutory audits are contributing to the society as a whole by rebuilding their trust on companies’ internal controls and accounting practices. Tan, Chan & Partners has always been committed towards the audit quality and providing value to its esteemed clients in an ethical way. We are not only committed to the audit quality but also to the comprehensive approach to achieving it according to the set professional and ethical standards.

Our staff has always remained our greatest strength. We have a firm commitment towards developing their talent and making them feel a part of Tan, Chan & Partners. We sincerely hope that our former staff members would still have cherishing memories of their time spent at Tan, Chan & Partners, which for many must be a defining period in their professional careers. Irrespective of wherever they live or work now, our former colleagues and staff will remain as an esteemed and important part of the firm.

Our Mission Statement and Code of Conduct has been developed to clearly represent what we signify as a firm and what we expect of our people. It set forth our core values, our shared responsibilities towards community and our commitment toward the stakeholders including clients, our staff, the public at large. Taking care of our community is a fundamental value to us and is definitely a true source of pride for the firm.

As managing partner of Tan, Chan & Partners’, I solemnly pledge that we will continue to provide unswerving and high-quality services that cater for the varied needs of our clients.

Yours Sincerely,

Tan Chin Ren

Managing Partner