People’s Association, Community Development & Welfare Fund (CDWF) Audit

Community Development & Welfare Fund (CDWF) Audit.

The Citizens Consultative Committees (CCC), which come under the purview of the People’s Association, are grassroots organisations of the neighbourhoods in Singapore. Aligned with the functions of the CCC, the Community Development & Welfare Fund (CDWF) Management Committee is primarily involved in the raising of funds that will provide welfare assistance to the respective constituency’s residents and support programmes and projects that promote the residents’ well-being. The objectives of the Community Development & Welfare Fund (the “Fund”) and the expenditure on charitable activities undertaken by the Fund are approved by the Ministry for Community Development, Youth and Sports.

An audit of a Community Development & Welfare Fund’s financial statements (all revenue earned and all expenditure incurred by the Fund) is made in accordance with the provisions and requirements of the Singapore Charities Act and Charities (Institutions of a Public Character “IPC”) Regulations.

The audit is mandatory for all Community Development & Welfare Funds (CDWF) as Charities and IPCs are required to submit their financial statements to the Charity Portal. The annual report is available online for the public view. The audit report shall include the auditor’s opinion as to whether there is reasonable assurance that the financial statements are presented fairly, in all material aspects, in accordance with Singapore Financial Reporting Standards.

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