Termination court order of the strata subdivision of a subdivided building and the cancellation of the strata title plan which is registered lawfully under Land Titles (Strata) Act can be applied by –

  • ✓ any subsidiary proprietor of a lot in the subdivided building
  • ✓ where such a lot is subject to a mortgage or a charge — the mortgage or charge or
  • ✓ the management corporation and
  • ✓ management corporation may approve the resolution by **consensus to terminate the strata subdivision of the building.


A management corporation constituted under the Land Titles (Strata) Act shall be terminated pursuant to Section 81(1), 81(2)(a), 81(8) & 82 of the said Act and in accordance with Section 84(1) of the Building Maintenance And Strata Management Act.


Our managing partner Mr. Tan Chin Ren is approved to act as a liquidator under section 9 (5) of the Companies Act (Cap. 50).

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