Audit Certification in Singapore

At Tan, Chan and Partners, we offer a variety of certification audits where we verify and attest to the accuracy, compliance, or completeness of specific information or claims. These audits result in the issuance of a formal certification or statement confirming the reliability of the subject matter being audited. Our certification audits can cover various areas, including subsidy claims, fundraising appeals, financial reports, and more, depending on the specific requirements or regulations governing the certification process. The primary goal is to provide independent and objective assurance regarding the validity and adherence to established standards or regulations in the audited area.

childcare subsidy claim audit

In line with the audit requirements of the Ministry of Community, Youth and Sports (MCYS), child care centres in Singapore are mandated to engage certified public accountants for auditing their infant/child care subsidy claims. These audits are essential annually or upon the cessation of business.

At Tan, Chan & Partners, we specialise in providing comprehensive auditing services for child care centre subsidy claims. The scope of our Infant/Child Care Subsidy Claims Audit Service includes:

Preparation of Certification by External Auditors: A crucial component submitted to the Ministry within three months after the centre’s financial year-end or cessation of business.

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As a leading firm in audit certification in Singapore, we offer a variety of specialised audit services, including but not limited to:


  • This is in accordance with the provision of Regulation 6 of the Societies Regulations issued under the Societies Act Chapter 311, Section 34 (the “Regulations”) relating to the fund-raising appeal held by the Society.


  • This is one of the Special Purposes Audit reports on the claim under a particular approved project and under a particular scheme administered by government agencies. This is based on the terms and conditions provided in the Letter of Offer between the company and the government agencies.


  • This is one of the Special Purposes Audits under a tenancy agreement between landlords and tenants in most of the mega shopping centres and certain government agencies such as the IDA or Changi Airport Authority. This is required for the licensee to audit the Annual Gross Turnover Report (Gross Turnover/GTO audit) or for all licensable activities for a specific period.
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house to house and street collections (hhsc) License audit

  • Under the House to House and Street Collections Act, an HHSC licence is required if one promotes a collection by way of appealing to the public, made by means of visits from house to house or of soliciting in streets or other places or by both such means, for money or other property.
  • After the collection event, the collection account needs to be certified by the chief promoter of the collection and by a public accountant who is appointed by the organisation of the chief promoter to be the auditor of the account. The audited statement of account then has to be submitted to the Commissioner of Police within two months of the expiry of the license. (Source: Police Licensing Computerized System)

other certification audits

Beyond the typical GTO audit and audit certification in Singapore, our expertise extends to several other areas:

  • Fixed Assets Certification
  • Claim
  • Shares Certification
  • Personal Income Certification

Your Partner in Audit Certification in Singapore

At Tan, Chan & Partners, we are committed to providing precise and reliable GTO audit and other certification services. Our team of experts is equipped to handle a wide range of auditing needs, ensuring compliance and peace of mind for our clients.

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