Bookkeeping, budgeting and preparation of financial statements are routine yet the imperative tasks for every organisation; be it a small business, a private company, government institution or a non-profit organisation. Without proper bookkeeping and accounting, management cannot assess the financial health of the company or make reasonable strategic decisions. Well-ordered financial records ensure smooth operations of every company on a daily basis.

For more than three decades, Tan, Chan & Partners has been working with many businesses both nationwide and internationally, to set up efficient bookkeeping and accounting systems. Our services streamline the whole accounting process and help the management to run the operations more proficiently; resulting in providing them peace of mind that all finances are in order.

Our range of services include:

Bookkeeping Service (Learn More)

✓ Pre-planning of maintenance of books of accounts

✓ Preparation of a logical and well-ordered chart of accounts

✓ Selection of appropriate book-keeping software

✓ Preparation and maintenance of General Ledgers, Trial Balances, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements

✓ Preparation and maintenance of fixed asset register

✓ Maintenance of schedules for Accounts Payable and Accounts receivables along with their ageing analysis

✓ Reconciling bank books with bank statements and preparation of bank reconciliation statements

✓ Preparation of schedules of investments with their possible returns

✓ Maintenance and updating of loan repayment schedules

GST Filing & Compliance Services (Learn More)

✓ Registration for GST filing

✓ De-registration from GST filing

✓ Filing of GST return on Form 5, etc…

Payroll Services (Learn More)

✓ Complete range of economic and scalable payroll solutions.

We are a team of professionals who is committed to providing useful financial information and reports to our valued clients in a timely manner. We also provide accounting software solutions and help in implementing these solutions.

More Information on Accounting Services?

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