Strategic Planning and Cash Flow Analysis

The increasing globalization of the world economy has brought tremendous market opportunities as well as new cost pressures to Singapore companies, in particular the SMEs. To take advantage of these opportunities, SMEs must restructure their operations and business models to stay competitive and adapt accordingly. Successful and speedy restructuring requires proper Strategic Planning and Cash Flow Analysis.

To help our clients define their organisation’s strategies and to prevent Cash Flow problems, we have expanded our range of services to include Strategic Planning & Cash Flow Analysis. With our detailed and informative analysis, we can help turn numbers into knowledge. The analysis is based on the tools globally accepted as the benchmark to diagnose business performance. The strategies are tested, through ‘What ifs’ to achieve your desired outcomes from the Income Statement and Balance Sheet provided. It enables you to review your whole business in strategy view, or focus attention on one outcome in the graphics view.

With our requisite in-house expertise, you will

  • » Enjoy healthy cash flow
  • » Reduce production/service costs
  • » Increase profit margins
  • » Grow revenue
  • » Strengthen balance sheets to attract new investors funds and bank loans

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