Singapore Permanent Resident GIP Scheme

Global Investor Programme (GIP)
Singapore Economic Development Board –
Application of Singapore Permanent Residence For Investors

Foreign investors with substantial capital and good entrepreneurial track records may apply for permanent residence under the Global Investor Programme through Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB).

1. Approved Investments
1. 获准的投资

Option A

Invest at least S$2.5 million in a new business startup OR expansion of an existing business operation and with the approval business plan submitted to EDB at the point of application.
至少投入新币两百五十万元 用于启动全新的业务或扩展现有的业务,同时递交新加坡经济发展局认可的企业发展计划。

The investment in a Singapore-incorporated entity must take the form of a capital injection resulting in the issuance of new ordinary shares by the entity. The investor should generate economic activities in Singapore, such as business transaction of goods and services and employment.

Option B

Invest at least S$2.5 million in million in a GIP-approved fund, (approved Singapore-incorporated Venture Capital Fund or Singapore-incorporated foundation or trust that focuses on economic development).
投资者至少投入新币两百五十万元予获全球商业投资者计划批准的基金; 在那些新加坡成立的并受到认可旨在增强新加坡经济发展的风险基金 基金会和信托机构

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