Register a Foreign Branch

A Singapore Branch Office is the same entity as the foreign company (“Head Office”) which is incorporated outside Singapore. Thereafter, a Branch is not a separate entity but only an extension of its Head Office.

Please be advised that most of the foreign companies prefer to register as a subsidiary company in Singapore rather than a branch office.

As the branch will be part of the same legal entity as the foreign company, the name of the branch must be identical to the name of the foreign company as used at its head office.

The business activities of a Singapore Branch Office are governed by the MAA and/or By-laws of the Head Office. A Branch Office in Singapore must file with ACRA annually its Head Office accounts as well as its own audited accounts relating to its operations in Singapore. The requirement to hold AGM depends on the law of the country of incorporation of the foreign company. A Singapore Branch is required to have at least 2 persons ordinarily resident in Singapore to act as agents whose authority is to accept service of process and notices required to be served on the company in Singapore. These agents may not be companies themselves but must be natural persons, depending on the constitution of the Head Office of the foreign company. A Branch must have a registered office situated within Singapore.

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