Special Purpose Audit/Certification

Childcare Subsidy Claim Audit

As part of MCYS audit requirements, Child care centres are required to engage certified public accountants to audit the centre’s infant/child care subsidy claims annually or upon cessation of business.

We do provision of auditing service on childcare centre’s infant/child care subsidy claims and the scope of our Infant/child Care Subsidy Claims Audit Service includes preparation of the following which has to be submitted to the Ministry 3 months after the centre’s financial year-end or cessation of business:

  • » Preparation of Certification By External Auditors

Fund Raising Appeal by Societies

This is one of the Special Purposes Audit accordance with the provision of Regulation 6 of the Societies Regulations issued under the Societies Act Chapter 311, Section 34 (the “Regulations”) relating to the fund-raising appeal held by the Society which comprises the balance sheet and statement of income and expenditure for the period from (date) to (date).

Reference of Client list is available upon request.

Claim Summary of Project Qualifying Costs (IDA, EDB, JTC etc)

This is one of the Special Purposes Audit report on the Claim under a particular Approved Project and under a particular Scheme administered by IDA based on the terms and conditions provided in the Letter of Offer between the company and the IDA. The claims are for Approved Grant Amounts set the maximum amounts approved by IDA as set out in Qualifying Costs Table.
It is hundred percent (100%) full audit and the Independent Auditors’ Report shall follow AGS 1, template 2D.

Reference of Client list is available upon request.

Licensee’s or Tenant’s Annual Gross Turnover

This is one of the Special Purposes Audit pursuant to tenancy agreement between the landlord and tenants in most of the mega shopping centre and certain government agencies such as IDA, Changi Airport Authority required the licensee to audit the Annual Gross Turnover Report or for all licensable activities for period from (date) to (date)

Reference of Client list is available upon request.

House to House and Street Collections (HHSC) Licence Audit

Under the House to House And Street Collections Act, a HHSC licence is required if one promotes a collection by way of appealing to the public, made by means of visits from house to house or of soliciting in streets or other places or by both such means, for money or other property.
After the collection event, the collection account needs to be certified by the chief promoter of the collection and by a public accountant who is appointed by the organisation of the chief promoter to be the auditor of the account. The audited statement of account then has to be submitted to the Commissioner of Police within two months of the expiry of the licence.

(Source: Police Licensing Computerised System)

HHSC licence audit is another one of Tan, Chan & Partners’ specialised auditing service and we have extensive experience in the provision of this service.

Other Certification Audit

We certify the following financial information, statement and statistics through our certification audit:

  • » Fixed Assets Certification
  • » Claim
  • » Shares Certification
  • » Personal Income Certification

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